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Welcome to a cool, happy place dedicated to man’s best friend!

Pawsome Goodies is an online specialty shop offering worldwide free shipping of carefully selected high quality pet supplies and dog accessories plus awesome gift items and home must-haves for dog lovers and pet owners towards healthy, happy, comfy life.

Pawsome Goodies is inspired by dogs, God’s special furry creatures, that bring unconditional love, unwavering loyalty and pure joy to human beings. Happy and grateful for the happiness they bring, aims to reward them by featuring carefully selected high quality pet supplies and dog accessories guaranteed to make these loving and playful fur babies smile and jump for joy. Pawsome Goodies also prepared a special selection of awesome gift items, accessories, and home must-haves for the gentle-hearted and compassionate dog lovers. All these are aimed towards healthy, happy, comfy life both for the dog owners and their cherished special family member. With, it is free shipping worldwide for all seasons, because at Pawsome Goodies, we treat each customer as family, and their happiness is our top priority.

Join us in social media where we feature our carefully selected dog accessories and gift items for dog lovers plus photos of cute, funny and smart dogs as well as inspiring stories and quotations guaranteed to make your heart smile. Our social media accounts are designed to bring joy to everyone especially dog lovers. We hope you will enjoy your visit as much as we take delight in serving you and making you smile. For a delightful experience, visit Pawsome Goodies where your purchase makes a difference. A portion of the sales will be donated to animal shelters and charities. Visit Pawsome Goodies now, and shop for a cause. Pawsome Goodies, everything good for awesome buddies!

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